More than 30 years of experience

Thanks to our vast experience in tourism we will provide you with the high standard services and quality you are accustomed to, all at the lowest possible cost.

We save you time and money

Thanks to our wholesale volumes to selected destinations from various tour operators in Europe and around the world, we can help you increase your profits and reduce your workload.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

We take professionalism and personal approach at StayBene.com very seriously. Customer satisfaction is ensured by a team of specialists with years of experience.

About our company..

The idea of providing wholesale services for travel agencies and companies arose in the UK mainly due to a need for suitable accommodation at a reasonable price, better quality services, and easier reservations processes. Since then, as a business group, we have developed and technically improved so that customers can easily book hotels and travel-related services at competitive rates. 

The result is StayBene.com - a wholesale portal for accommodation and travel services.

As a company, we rely on traditional values such as a individualized customer service, sincerity, helpfulness and loyalty. Our driving force is service to clients and business partners with the help of technically advanced solutions that save customers effort, money and time.

Pavel Moskala

Pavel Moskala - CEO and founder

..our solutions.

StayBene.com offers its services to large groups and travel agencies. If you have special requirements for corporate parties, team building events or thematic stays, our team of travel specialists is at your service. 

More information can be found in the Groups section.

At Staybene.com, we arrange accommodations for corporate employees on projects, whether they are from the management department or construction workers, in houses or apartments near the project sites.

Our ultimate goal is to meet the needs of our clients by providing professional services at the lowest possible prices. 

More information can be found in section SERVICES

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